Tính toán chi phí của dự án

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We faced the task to develop a logo and corporate style for a premium welness club, to communicate dynamic and sport atmosphere, to be different from the competitors.

TA – Men and women of 35-50 years old, members of their families, kids aged 0 till 18.
Middle and upper class, educated, forward-minded progressive individuals.

Avant-garde basic principles is the play with contrasting pure colors and non-traditional forms, combintation of and experiments with opposites, courage to step out of your comfort zone.
We stepped back from the traditional gyms and hand-weights on posters, replacing them with bright backgrounds and figures, which are eye-catchy for ambitious novators longing to distinguish themselves.

We offered a series of posters different for sport, beauty and spa but following one graphic style thus building not only single corporate style (brand face) but appealing to different target audiences.